Our Mission

We are dedicated to enriching the the quality of sleep of the Lebanese community, promoting healthy sleep hygiene habits, and restoring energy and health through high-quality and compassionate management of snoring and sleep apnea.

Our Vision

Your health and well-being are our number one priority, which is why we provide our patients with the best treatment of snoring and sleep apnea as we strive for being Lebanon's leader in dental sleep clinic.

Our Values

Quality - The quality of your care encompasses all aspects of your experience, from your first phone call to the moment you receive your appliance. This is why we encourage open communication with our patients and their physicians along with continuous efforts to broaden our knowledge on the risks of leaving sleep apnea untreated.

Education - Only an educated patient can make a knowledgable decision about their health. We spend the majority of our time helping you understand how disrupted sleep due to sleep-related breathing disorders can impact all aspects of your life and how it can be managed. We also devote a great deal of time towards furthering our own knowledge on snoring and sleep apnea through Continued Education courses.

Professionalism - Our efforts to manage your sleep-related breathing disorder extend to your primary care physician. A constant line of communication is maintained throughout the treatment process in order to appropriately coordinate the best care for you.

Family - Every aspect of your care in our office revolves around family-based values. All recommendations are made based on the assumption that you are a family member, meaning you will only receive the highest level of care. We also want to better your time with your own family through proper sleep management and a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy body & Healthy Mind - A rested mind is a healthy mind, and that will reflect a healthful body. Our ultimate goal is to improve your overall health in an effort to improve your total well-being. With sleep being such a vital component in our lives, proper management of snoring and sleep apnea will lead to a healthier and happier you.