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Wearing my oral appliance allows me to sleep better. I don't wake up as much, I awaken more refreshed and I'm in a better mood. I wouldn't want to be without it.

Lory M.


I feel 100 percent better. I'm no longer napping or having to take my alerting medication. I've been able to reduce my fibromyalgia pills from three times a day to one time and I only take that one because I feel a little achy by the end of the day.

Steve S.


Thanks to the oral appliance, I'm back doing activities I haven't done for a long time, such as golfing, hiking, working out, playing guitar and just plain enjoying life again. I was able to do a two-day 100 mile bike ride this fall. Recall that I could barely walk to the mailbox and back without getting exhausted just a month before!

Angela ML.


I’m pleased to let you know that today, for the first time in six years; I woke up at 8AM without setting two alarms and without exhaustion. I have you (2 Sleep Center) to thank for this! Your persistence opened the door to my recovery to a restful sleep and clearer day